New Years 2018

Climbing among the rocks and sand again where I am convinced the seam of the desert horizon is my favorite color.

The destination of visiting patients over the holidays in hospitals at Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs was our goal but the real joy was in the journey of these visits.

Felt like some of the best love and stress relieving work we were able to share this time was with the staff, nurses, and folks worrying and waiting to see loved ones return from surgery and recovery.

“Carrying joy in your heart you can heal any moment.“

Happy New Years. Love,


The Annual 4000 Mile Migration

Spent the last day in Alaska hiking up an unknown peak. The sun hung on the crest, capped by a line of high clouds. A band of Dall sheep graze a steep snow covered slope. Living here, there's always the sense that we are witnessing something magical.

Flew from Fairbanks to see Seattle to pick up our truck. Had to see a vet and have surgery. Tore and separated an entire toenail from the nail bed and had to have it removed. Received incredibly compassionate care at the Helping Hands veterinary clinic in Lynnwood, Washington. We are setting up a Sully Fund there to assist those who need financial aid to care for their pets’ needs. The entire sales proceeds from Sage Sully books sold there, along with the magnanimous and unselfish contributions from Aunt Deb and Julie, will help continue spread a little love wherever we go.

Sporting a different colored boot every day to protect my toe, we went to the Oregon Coast. Spent a week of days and nights playing, lounging, and swimming in the cold clear salt water on a seemingly uninhabited private beach. The kind of place where you can do absolutely nothing for days on end and only wish you could do less.

Washing the salt water off my coat, I put on my blue therapy vest and visited hospital in Portland, then on to Sacramento and the Shriners children's hospital. A sweet little girl read Green Eggs and Ham to me, including my name in her reading: "I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, SULLY I Am." Of course that was always my cue to lick her face as she would then giggle and continue reading quickly to get to my part again.

Still working our way south, we stopped in Pasadena CA at an adult care center where walked and visited several rooms for scratches and conversations. I was able to coax a few strips of bacon from their plates as well.

And now... Home. That magic thing of how good it feels to leave, and how it feels even better to come back.

Find your Sage Sully book in Yucca Valley CA

Sage Sully books are now available at the Companion Animal Clinic in Yucca Valley CA. All of the proceeds from this book, sold there, along with the incredible warm heart paws generosity of Aunt Deb, Hushpuppy, and Hank will go into a Sully Fund there to assist pet owners who need financial assistance for the diagnosis and treatment for their furry loved ones.

Many thanks go to my friends Dr. Norm Smith and Jenny Wagner and staff at the Companion Animal Clinic. Of all the extensive traveling we've done, your expertise, compassion, and care are unmatched anywhere.

Thanks to Aunt Deb. You continue to sprinkle incredible unselfishness. Making impact one person and one pet at time.

Sully's trip to Nenana, Alaska

Nenana is in westernmost portion of Tanana territory . (The Tanana are amount the large Dene language family, also known Athabaskan.). The town was first known by European Americans as Tortella, a transliteration of the Indian word Toghotthele (TOG-uh-TEE-lee), which means "mountain that parallels the river." It was later named for the river and the Nenana people who live nearby.

Nenana was the starting point for the 1923 serum run to Nome, after diphtheria antitoxin had been transported by rail from Anchorage. It was carried by dog sled relay across the U.S. territory of Alaska by 20 mushers and about 150 sled dogs 674 miles in five and a half days, saving the small town of Nome and the surrounding communities from an incipient epidemic.

I was asked by a family in Eagle River to do a house call to family in need of golden cheer.  I look forward to returning again to this family to spread love and licks, and exploring more of Nenana.

Sully's Trip to San Francisco

A nurse we met in Flagstaff put us in touch with a family in San Francisco. We were invited to spend 2 weekends with a woman battling Glioblastoma.

My head on her chest, while she rubbed my back, she told me funny stories of dogs she knew in her life.  She threw tennis balls against the bedroom wall and I would retrieve and jump back onto her bed. We would continue this until we broke the lamp on the dresser.  Later we opened the bedroom door and she started tossing the balls out, down the stairs, onto the slippery wooden floor where I would skid across the living room. I could hear her laugh which made me run faster. Her son joked that she never let him throw balls in the house.

It was difficult to leave this courageous woman whose spirit glowed with love. What comes from her heart goes to the heart.

...returning to Alaska

1170 Miles around the Southwest, Sharing Love

1170 miles of asphalt through Arizona. Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Tucson, and Flagstaff. On this trip I visited a children's center, veterans hospital, adult care facility, and spoke (well wagged, licked, and showed off) at a medical college. This photo captures the spirit (click here) of the trip.

A big highlight for us was the planned trip to set up a financial gift for a family in need of a emotional support dog. The proceeds from the Sage Sully book and this website allowed us to set up an account with a local vet and feed store.  This family and their ESA dog will now be set up comfortably for many of their animal's needs to leave them to focus on giving and receiving the love and support of their newly trained and talented dog.

Much thanks for all of those who purchased Sage Sully. It is a gift that reflects your compassion. Thank you.

Special thanks to Deb, her mother Julie, and Heather Smigel, Heather Otto, Betty Hertz, and Dale Ebben. And especially Deb Martin. Her incredible continued generosity is beyond words. I'm simply overwhelmed. Thank you.

Anyways, we are getting a little homesick. I miss my mountains. I miss my desert. I miss -- my home. As much as I love to wander, I love to wander more because I have a place to return to, I place where I belong.

Sully's Wonderful Day in Yucca Valley

Back in our sand castle in the desert. Vast, stunning sunsets flare across the sky. Showers of meteors slash across the field of stars.

Visited nearly 99 beds yesterday at the Braswell Sky Harbor Care Center in Yucca Valley CA. Many of the folks even asked me to jump on their beds for hugs and love. I didn't disappoint.

Special thanks to Judith and Racheal. Leading us room to room, their incredible compassion and heart to everyone we met was simply inspiring. They are the everyday heroes. The ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.  Woof!

From Alaska to California, with a wonderful stop in Seattle

Spent the last days of the season in Alaska sitting in a drift of snow with a frozen tennis ball in my mouth (click here to check out a photo) watching the sandhill cranes pour over the sky. Wave after wave. Their honking echoed throughout the sky long after they disappeared from my sight. The next day I stuffed myself into a kennel in Fairbanks and took a plane to Seattle where "my" other truck had been stored since April. While in Seattle, I spent a morning at the Full Life's Solstice Behavioral Health Program and another morning later in the week at the Everett Adult Day Health Center. We had a incredible time there, visiting with the participants and staff. Special thanks to Lindsey, Kelly, Samantha, and "Moe."

We look forward in seeing them again in the spring when we return to Alaska.

See me in action at (scroll down to "Sully the Therapy Dog" on October 9).

From the opening of our book, Sage Sully: Inspiration from a Wandering Alaskan Golden Retriever

One of my favorite books, written by Antoine De Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince begins with the author stranded in the middle of the desert. It is here where he meets the Little Prince. Nearly 7 years ago I met Sully, my golden haired prince, the same way in the Colorado Sonoran Desert.

Sully, an old soul, gifted with the contagious unbridled enthusiasm of capturing life's treasured gifts and secrets, sharing with anyone who needs them.

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye."